Work in Progress

Still needs work on fingers, camera and a few little pops and tweaks


Run - keyframe

Run cycle - keyframe

Zipper Interactive (SONY)

SOCOM 4 -- Password protected until we ship.

Animated the plane, the palm trees, the engine, the rigid bodies on the bridge and the camera

Animated the vehicle, bridge pieces and camera shake

Animated taxi, camera and adjusted motion capture on the characters

Walkcycle front - Keyframe

Walkcycle back - Keyframe


Reload MG45 - Keyframe

Reload FN57 - Keyframe

Ladder Climb Cycle - Motion Capture

Animation Mentor

This one made the Summer 2008 Student Showcase. For some reason the first 4 or 5 frames were cropped out when Animation Mentor edited this together with the other student work.

Here is the unedited version

Sucker Punch Productions

I shipped two titles at Sucker Punch, Rocket Robot on Wheels, and Sly Cooper and The Thievious Raccoonus. Sly Cooper was my dream project!

I would have loved to do his whole move set, but just did the walk cycle on this Guard Dog.

Murray was very fun to animate. I was fortunate enough to get to animate him for this mini game. *The other characters in this scene were animated by someone else.

Murray Celebration

Amaze Entertainment

I worked on a variety of stuff for them. I shipped "Digimon Ready to Rumble" and "Lord of the Rings Tactics" while I was there.

Veemon - Animated and Rigged

Togemon - Animated and Rigged

Animated and Rigged the Acrobats

Zako Zako - Animated and Rigged

Escape Factory

I only worked there for 9 months before the startup closed it's doors. We had a great team and a great game that never saw the light of day.

The Hero, Roger


I think this guy was called a "Glargram."
*All of the character animation posted on this blog was created by me, unless otherwise noted. Everything else; texture, modeling, lighting, audio, etc., were created by someone else unless otherwise noted.

All characters and movies are property of the company credited in the caption.